P3 Selling with Greg Nutter

In this episode of the Sales Leadership Show, Phil Gerbyshak interviews Greg Nutter, the author of the new book "P3 Selling". They discuss the key concepts and strategies outlined in the book, and how they can be applied in the world of sales.

Key Points Discussed

- The importance of understanding the customer's perspective and aligning your sales approach accordingly.
- The role of empathy in sales and how it can help build stronger relationships with customers.
- The concept of "P3 Selling" and how it can help sales professionals improve their performance and achieve their goals.

About the Guest

Greg Nutter is the founder of Soloquent, Inc., helping business owners and senior sales executives solve revenue growth problems through direct, indirect, and multi-channel sales models. With over thirty-five years of experience, Greg has worked with a wide range of companies to develop strategies, programs, processes, and tools to grow revenues, enter new markets, increase sales consistency, maximize selling investments, and develop skilled sales, channel, and management personnel. In addition, Greg has offered his expertise on a wide range of sales performance topics through hundreds of executive briefings, workshops, and keynote speeches throughout North America, South America, Asia Pacific, and Europe.


- More about Greg Nutter
- Get the P3 Selling book

Please note that the links to the website and the book were not accessible at the time of creating these show notes, so the information might not be up-to-date. Please visit the links for the most current information.
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P3 Selling with Greg Nutter
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